Saturday, May 28, 2011

Project: "EasyScreen2011"

So since I feel like this feature should be built into Windows anyway, I've decided to make a small application that allows me to select a region of the screen and take a screenshot of it.  For this project I have chosen C# as my language, and it uses a windows low-level keyboard/mouse hook library located here.

I am very pleased with C# libraries for now, they are much less of a hassle to use than many C++ libraries (which are often gigantic).  The library is used because of the amount of pInvoking required to use the Windows API functions to add hooks.

For this project I have chosen to use the library in a DLL.  It also features error notification via a balloon tip from the system tray where it resides.

The current build isn't without it's flaws, but they are for the most part, at least, obvious.

Who knows, you may find it more useful than you ever thought you would ;)
I have uploaded my program for download from here.  
Currently to use the application you hold Ctrl + Shift and select an area of the screen with your mouse.

Please let me know what you think !


  1. wow cool thing, thanks for uploading

  2. Wow, great little program! Most people just take a whole screenshot and crop it with paint.

  3. isn't there a tool called the snipping tool? it does all of the above plus you can select the area of the capture (select the whole screen if you want a proper screen shot or only a part if you were going to crop that screenshot anyways) it has a preview of which you can highlight and erase, save and send too.

    I don't want to put you off, keep at it, this will definitely be needed for xp or linux users.

  4. Nice lol. I didn't even know there was a snipping tool, but I still prefer the auto-save feature personally. For some reason the save-file dialog takes a long time to open on my machine.

  5. I'm not sure if I'm going to really need an app like that... but I downloaded it anyway. Thanks ;)

  6. I downloaded it but can not set hotkeys. Too bad man that would be a usefull tool. opening paint each time sux.
    Plz send me a message or leave a comment when u fixed that!

  7. What are you hoping to do with the hotkeys?

  8. Vista/W7 users can also use the 'snipping tool'